How do I like or follow a Page on Facebook?

How do I like or follow a Page on Facebook?

If you want to show support for a Page and be able to see updates from it in News Feed, you should like it.
If you just want to see updates from a Page, you should follow it.
To like a Page:
  1. Go to the Page.
  2. Click Like below the Page's cover photo.
When you like a Page, you automatically follow it, which means that you may see updates from that Page in News Feed.
Pages you like are listed in the About section of your profile below Likes. A post that you liked on a Page may appear in News Feed. You may be displayed on the Page you liked or in ads about that Page.
To follow a Page:
  1. Go to the Page.
  2. Click Follow.
When you follow a Page, you may see updates from that Page in News Feed.
To see the people or Pages that you follow:
  1. Go to your profile and click About.
  2. Scroll down to the Friends section and then click More > Following.
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