How do I create or edit an event for my Page?

How do I create or edit an event for my Page?

Create an Event

To create an event for your Page:
  1. Click Event on the left side of your Page, then click +Create Event.
  2. Add an event photo, then fill in all the info below Required Info:
    • Name
    • Location
    • Description
    • Category
    • Frequency (example: occurs once, weekly or you can customize the date range for your event)
  3. Add additional info such as co-hosts, tickets or event schedules. Learn more about how to customize your event.
  4. Click Publish or Save Draft. To schedule your event to publish at a future date and time, click  and select Schedule.
All events hosted by Pages are public. You can also add other people's or Page's public events to your Page.‚Äč
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